Sunday, 31 March 2013

The bunny challenge the diet plan step 1


Changing suddenly a rabbit’s diet  can upset their tummy  so always introduce new foods gradually over at least a week. If your rabbit has a medical condition or if your pet is on any medication, consult your vet before changing its diet.

(1) fresh good quality hay( Timothy Hay or Meadow hay) Their own body size in hay should be given and top up regularly during the day.

(2)A handful of Fresh fruit, veg and herbs. Such as 
 Brussels Sprouts
 Carrots (only feed occasionally – they are high in sugar. The leafy tops are OK)
 Celery leaves
 Dandelion (in moderation – can make your rabbit go to the toilet more than usual)
Green beans 
Radish tops

(3) A tablespoon or eggcup of commercial rabbit nuggets once daily (or twice daily if the rabbit weighs over 3.5kg).such as Burgess Excel or supreme science selective rabbit food.

(4) fresh clean water at all times.

(5) treats such as apple, carrots and bananas should only be given occasionally and in small quantities since they have a high sugar content. Avoid high sugar treats and snacks.

Packet guidelines, body weight and shape should be taken into account as well as veterinary advice when deciding what and how much too feed your rabbit.
I hope you enjoy this post as always feedback and comments are always appreciated.


Thursday, 28 March 2013

The most neglected pet in Britain-The bunny challenge

This is the bunny challenge to encourage bunny owners to make their pets happier and ultimately more healthy.
The challenge consists of 4 steps: diet, exercise, socialising,  housing. Every week I  will write a post or make a video on one of the steps: improving your bunnies diet or housing is a step closer in making your bunny happy and healthy. Whether you're a first time rabbit owner or have had rabbits for years, everyone is welcome to follow the bunny challenge . Let's make the bunny challenge care plan the best bunny care plan out there.
I'm not a vet but I do research my information thoroughly and hope to give you the most accurate information possible.
I am not sponsored or involved with any companies for this challenge.

Why did I  create the bunny challenge?

Rabbits are the most neglected pets in Britain. I would like to change that. Through this challenge I hope to bring awareness about rabbits and their needs. There are lots of diet plans for rabbits on the internet but most  of them are from pet food manufacturers, they are just promoting their products.

How can you take part in the bunny challenge?

You can send me an e-mail confirming that you're taking on the bunny challenge, this will allow me to know how many people are taking part, your details will only be used for email updates if you wish or you can leave a comment below on any of the posts, you can subscribe to the blog. Alternatively you can join the bunny world community on Google plus.

I've signed up to take part in the bunny challenge what should I do now?

By following the bunny challenge care plan you can help me make this plan even better by commenting and by telling me what you do and don't like about the plan. Suggestions are always welcome. As you follow the diet, housing, exercise and socialising plans you can make your bunny happy and healthier. As well as  learning some tips and tricks and honest product reviews.
Warning if your rabbit is on medication or has a medical condition or is old please consult your vet before trying the bunny challenge plan.

What is the goal for the bunny challenge?

My goals  is about raising awareness about rabbits needs and care.
If I can get 100 participants that would be amazing! 100 bunnies or more  happier and healthier...

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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

home-made bunny toys

 I made a new hanging toy for my rabbits out of leftover pieces of cardboard and string. I cut spatula sized pieces of cardboard and i pierced holes, then i just threaded through with a bunny friendly string. i hang it up in their hutch.

Like in this You tube video,my rabbits  love to play with a brown paper bag stuffed with hay I hang it up in their hutch or leave it in their playroom.

Another great  and  inexpensive toy is a digging box.
Use a large  container and fill it with sand or shredded newspaper, then let your bunny dig and roll in it. When ever I get this toy out  for them, they make a mess so consider yourself warned but   they have so much fun digging and rolling in the newspaper. Don't let your rabbit eat the newspaper!

Buñuelo bunny snuggler bed

Bunny Hugger side by side bed  for a small to medium sized rabbit teal blue wool free

This etsy seller makes the most gorgeous knitted bunny toys and beds, be sure to go and check her etsy shop out. All the proceeds from her etsy shop go to her bunny rescue.

I hope you enjoy this post, please comment below and let me know what your bunnies like to play with.

Friday, 15 March 2013

bunnies supplies 2

 Today I bought some bunny supplies:  two bales of hay from joollies and 2 kg bags of Excel pellets which last them about three weeks .I thought I would try this product from Excel"  raspberry gnaw sticks". 

                                      fun ball trio
I  wasn't impressed in the pet shop by their rabbits toys selection, so I went home and made some of my own. Now the rabbits are having lots of fun tearing them to pieces.
And for next to nothing I had a whole box of bunny friendly toys,
To make the plaited cardboard chew toy, you cut thin strips of cardboard and  plait them, tied the ends off with some plain string and you're done.

To make the mobile, search on you tube and you'll find lots of tutorial videos.